Auditing Services according to ISAs

  • Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with national and international standards of accounting and financial statements (ISA 700, 800);
  • Audit of Ukrainian enterprises for the purpose of consolidation of the financial statements of International Groups of companies (ISA 700, 800);
  • Audit of Grants to non-profit organizations (ISA 800);
  • Audit of the corporate governance report (ISAE 3000);
  • Review of financial statements (ISRE 2400);
  • Verification of taxes (ISRS 4400);
  • Fulfill agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information (ISRS 4400);
  • Transformation of the financial report, compiled according to national standards of Ukraine into a report of financial statements prepared under IFRS or national standards of other countries.

Tax consulting

  • Consultations on taxation in Ukraine almost on all existing taxes and payments to the budgets;
  • Advice on the practice of international agreements on avoidance of double taxation;
  • Assistance in preparation of tax returns and reporting;
  • Representing the customer in the State Bodies (tax inspection, social security funds, statistics authorities, etc.) related to accounting and reporting issues;
  • Preparation of a report and documentation on transfer pricing.

Consulting on accounting

We are always ready to help you to reflects your transactions or operations in accounting.


  • Development of accounting policies;
  • The organization of accounting and tax records;
  • Accounting and tax accounting;
  • Remote management of the individual components of the accounting and tax accounting;
  • The preparation of financial and tax reporting;
  • Representing the interests of the customer in the Controlling State Bodies.