Quality control

Our company corresponds to all the requirements of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, listed in the Register of Audit Firms and Auditors, and is in the list of Audit Firms that correspond to the criteria for statutory audit.

Реєстр суб'єктів аудиторської діяльності

The certificate of conformity of the quality control system

Responsible for Quality Control - Serhii Minin +38 (044) 230-6968.
Контроль якості

The professional responsibility of our firm is insured.

страхования МИП 2020 Страница 1 1

List of entities audited in 2019 by our firm according to (ISA 700, 800)

  • The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF)
  • Fulcrum UA NGO
  • ZTE Ukraine LTD
  • Ukrpangrup PJSC
  • Society Research Center NGO
  • Spekl LTD
  • Svit IT LTD
  • Spekl Company LTD
  • PAUCI foundation NGO
  • Transparency International Ukraine NGO
  • Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting NGO
  • Ukraine without torture NGO
  • Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting NGO
  • Congress of Cultural Activists NGO
  • Ronald McDonald House Foundation in Ukraine Charitable Organization
  • The School for Policy Analysis NGO
  • Interdisciplinary Center of Art and Culture Development "Dream Projects" NGO
  • Demforum NGO
  • Onduline Budivelny Materialy LTD
  • Eurotransbud LTD
  • KIFF Molodist
  • Ukrainian Medical Mission NGO
  • Expert Center for Human Rights NGO